Warning Signs That Your Phone Is Bugged

Believe it or not, bug sweeps are one of the most common services that businesses request from companies that specialize in counter-surveillance. However, many businesses do not even request bug sweeps because they haven't even thought of being bugged as a possibility. There are several situations where you are likely to be bugged. Lawsuits A lot of businesses end up bugged when they are the subject of a lawsuit. The information obtained may be used to defend or dismiss a lawsuit. Read More 

Have Improved Security Needs And Security Concerns? What To Do Now

If you have a business that has never had any type of guard security, and instead you've relied on systems, it may be time for a change. If your need for security has increased and you worry that your system isn't enough, a security evaluation should be completed. Find out the details about where you are lacking the attention that is needed, and where the company is at risk. Ask the security company about these features and options for your business. Read More 

Fire Inspection Programs Could Save Your Home Or Your Life

There are many people that are installing security systems in their home to protect against burglars. This is a great idea, but burglars only go for things of high value. It would be smart to start thinking of fire protection. A fire is unlike a burglar in the fact that it will destroy absolutely everything. A fire can burn through an entire room in a matter of minutes. In the United States there were well over 350,000 home fires. Read More