Warning Signs That Your Phone Is Bugged

Believe it or not, bug sweeps are one of the most common services that businesses request from companies that specialize in counter-surveillance. However, many businesses do not even request bug sweeps because they haven't even thought of being bugged as a possibility. There are several situations where you are likely to be bugged.


A lot of businesses end up bugged when they are the subject of a lawsuit. The information obtained may be used to defend or dismiss a lawsuit.


If a business is involved in any type of government affairs or politics, it's more likely to be bugged. This might be to find embarrassing information about a political opponent.


When a business has recently downsized, it's more likely to have been bugged by a former employee. An employee might attempt to bug his former employer.

Heavy Competition

Industries that are very competitive and that benefit from having inside knowledge are more likely to be bugged. For example, you may expect more bugging in the tech sector. 

In general, if the act of eavesdropping on you can improve someone else's wealth or power, you will be bugged at some point. This is most common if you are a business.

Confidential Information

You might discover that someone somehow knows your confidential business information. Oftentimes, it's difficult to tell if you have lost confidential information. The loss of confidential information shows up in subtle ways. When the media finds out something they shouldn't know or when another business finds out something that is private, there's a good chance that your business is being spied on. 

If you will be having a confidential meeting, this is likely to be a target for corporate spies. For example, if you'll have a confidential meeting about a product you are quoting for a customer, you will not want a competitor to know what you are quoting because this will provide an advantage to your competitor. 

Phone Defects

If your phone is bugged, you might notice strange sounds. You might also experience volume changes. Regardless of what adjustments you make, the phone still seems strange. However, professional wiretappers will be able to bug your phone without creating these defects.

Regardless of the reason, if you believe you are being bugged, contact professionals who can perform a bug sweep. Even if the job is a professional one, a bug sweeper will find and remove the bug. Visit a site like Ubiquitycm.com for more help.