Fire Damaged Your Business? Here’s Why You Need A Security Guard

A fire at your business establishment can be devastating. Not only are you faced with losing income and needing to rebuild, you are also at a much higher risk of becoming a victim to criminal activity... which could also result in a personal injury lawsuit against you. A fire can make it nearly impossible to secure the building and the remaining contents of it, especially if the fire caused large gaping holes in the exterior walls of the facility. Fortunately, you can hire a security guard service, such as Palisade Group security service, to protect the remnants of your building and deter criminal and malicious activity. Here's how a security guard service can help. 

Secure Your Business From the Public

The only people who you should allow to enter your building are fire marshals, building inspectors, and structural engineering specialists. They will need to conduct thorough inspections of your building after a fire. You'll need to give the names and credentialing information of these professionals to your security guard service. 

Other than these professionals, most people don't want to step foot into a fire damaged building. Common sense tells most people that doing so could result in injury. However, there are a few members of society who don't play by the rules of common sense. Here are some examples of the types of people who a security guard can protect your building from. 

  • Vandals. Even though your building will need to be repaired or rebuilt, vandalism to the property can add insult to injury, as was the case in Los Angeles when vandals spray painted graffiti on a church that had been destroyed by a fire.
  • Thieves. Since the interior building can be easily accessible after a fire, it can be attractive to criminals who want to take anything they deem valuable. 
  • Arsonists. Pyromaniacs have an impulse to set fires. A building that is already damaged by a previous fire can be a welcoming area for pyromaniacs to fulfill their impulses. 
  • Squatters. A partially burned building can provide enough shelter to squatters. 
  • Trespassers. People may try to enter the building because they are curious and want to see what happened. 
  • Drug users. Abandoned buildings, including ones with fire damage, are often used as drug dens. 

Animals may also try to enter your building, especially if there is food inside. Animals can get injured and/or cause further problems to the remaining structural integrity of your building. If your building is located in a rural setting, it may be a good idea to ask the security guard service if they have a canine unit that can be dispatched in the evenings when activity from animals may be higher. 

Prevent Liability for Personal Injuries

The most concerning thing about these types of unwanted activities is that they can lead to injuries in buildings that have been damaged by fire, which could result in personal injury lawsuits filed against you. This is particularly true if your property is usually open to the public, such as a restaurant or a retail establishment. It is your responsibility, as a business owner, to keep your premises safe for the public and warn the public about potentially dangerous situations in your facility, both of which can be achieved by posting a security guard on your premises. 

In regard to injuries obtained from the types of criminal activities that are listed above, you would likely win a personal injury lawsuit. However, the last thing you would need on your plate is a lawsuit while you are attempting to get your building repaired and your business up and running again.