Fire Inspection Programs Could Save Your Home Or Your Life

There are many people that are installing security systems in their home to protect against burglars. This is a great idea, but burglars only go for things of high value. It would be smart to start thinking of fire protection. A fire is unlike a burglar in the fact that it will destroy absolutely everything. A fire can burn through an entire room in a matter of minutes. In the United States there were well over 350,000 home fires. Read More 

Fire Damaged Your Business? Here’s Why You Need A Security Guard

A fire at your business establishment can be devastating. Not only are you faced with losing income and needing to rebuild, you are also at a much higher risk of becoming a victim to criminal activity... which could also result in a personal injury lawsuit against you. A fire can make it nearly impossible to secure the building and the remaining contents of it, especially if the fire caused large gaping holes in the exterior walls of the facility. Read More